We organise Cuddle Party Workshops in Singapore.

Cuddle parties are fully clothed events that offer a safe space to receive the positive, non-sexual touch that every human needs but with very clear boundaries and while actively practising consent.

A cuddle party workshop is 3-4 hours long starting with a one hour introduction where you learn how to say yes and no to requests for touch and how to ensure your boundaries are respected. After the introduction you have two hours of freestyle cuddling where you can cuddle with participants only after you have asked for and received consent.

cuddling and spooning

Good for your body, heart and spirit.

Good for your blood pressure, your nervous system, your emotional health

Helps you connect with and trust other people

Gives you the ability to respect and care for yourself, your creativity, sense of safety and comfort and belonging

What happens at a Cuddle Party Workshop?

Arrive and mingle (30 minutes)

After you arrive at the event location, sign in, and change into comfortable clothes for cuddling in the private changing area.

We wait for 30 minutes for all attendees to arrive. You can use this time to:

  • Talk to other attendees
  • Talk to the facilitator
  • Talk to her assistants/volunteers

After the 30 minute period is over we close the doors and start the Welcome Circle. We can’t let you in if you arrive after the Welcome Circle has started, please be sure to arrive in plenty of time.

The Welcome Circle (1 hour)

The welcome circle is led by a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator.

lady in pajamas

We wear pyjamas for the Cuddle Party

This Welcome Circle is where we create the structure and safe space for the socialising to follow. It is also where we break the ice and get a group of strangers to feel not so strange to one another. This is where you and other Cuddle Party Workshop participants can…

  • introduce yourselves
  • learn about Cuddle Parties
  • learn the Cuddle Party rules
  • practice the Cuddle Party communication skills
  • practice some ice-breaker exercises (optional)

As the Welcome Circle concludes, most participants find themselves feeling surprised by how comfortable they feel.

This is when we transition into the next section.

Two Hours of Self-Directed Adventure and Connection

In the two hour session of self-directed adventure and connection we do the following:

  • Ask for what we want
  • Say yes and no to requests and invitations
  • Cuddle according to your desires and comfort (or just talk if you prefer)
  • Connect with fascinating people
  • “cuddle mingle”
  • relax into the flow of an unusually playful and respectful social environment

The socialising and cuddling all take place in a comfortable environment, with ambient music that allows for conversation. You can bring snacks, finger food, fruit and non-alcoholic drinks.

spooning, cuddle party singapore

Spooning at our first cuddle party workshop in Singapore

Some participants cuddle in groups, others one-on-one, while some like to talk and not cuddle for a time, or not at all. Cuddling can mean feet against feet, full-body hugs, head-rubs, spooning, it’s up to you. Partners and positions change throughout the event.

The Cuddle Party Facilitator and her assistant/volunteers will participate with you so that you can feel relaxed and supported and have a great time with your experiences.

The facilitator will constantly monitor and checks in with all the ladies to ensure that they are comfortable and having a good time. We have a WhatsApp chat group for ladies so that they can privately ask any questions or raise any concerns with Jacqui at any time. Please ask Jacqui, when you meet her, to add yourself to the group chat (ladies only).

Cuddle Party Singapore Massage Train

Massage Train (Oct 2017)

Closing Circle

At the end of the event, after the facilitated group cuddle, the facilitator conducts a brief Closing Circle to share with you some closing thoughts for the road, encourage you to bring your learnings with you as you travel forward, and give everyone a chance to share any parting thoughts with the group.

Participants are often in a state of cuddle intoxication at this point, and feeling a sense of connection with the group that they would never have anticipated at the beginning of the event.

Many participants exchange hugs, some exchange phone numbers, and all receive special thank you’s from the Cuddle Lifeguards for making this particular Cuddle Party Workshop the special event that it was. Some participants may go to a nearby restaurant or cafe to continue the conversations, while others will head home — often to a night of blissfully relaxing sleep.

More questions? Check our our FAQ.