Cuddle Party Safety

How we ensure our Cuddle Party Workshops are safe

We recognise that one of the biggest worries people have about attending a cuddle party workshop, especially women, is safety.

We want to let you know what we do to make our cuddle party workshops a safe space for you to practice giving and receiving touch.

Facilitator made us feel at ease with strangers.

Rules to ensure only activities that have consent are allowed

We organise official cuddle party workshops and follow all the cuddle party rules. To see a list of the cuddle parties rules, click the link below:

Cuddle Party Rules

All participants must agree to follow the rules if they wish to participate in the cuddle party.

Rule #3 states that “You must ask permission and receive a verbal YES before you touch anyone”

I think Jacqui did a great job with introducing the rules of the cuddle party and it is a very important thing.

Relaxing, good boundaries. Learn how to ask for what we want.

We meet all men who would like to attend our cuddle party workshops

While we like to meet socially before a cuddle party with women attendees it is mandatory for all men to meet us before a workshop so that we can assess if they are suitable.

Previous participants are welcome to attend our social meetings so they can help us assess suitable candidates and help explain cuddle parties to applicants.

We check in with all ladies throughout the event

Jacqui, during a cuddle party workshop, will check in with all the ladies to ensure they feel comfortable and are having a good time. She, or one of her assistants, can be called over at any time during a cuddle party workshop if a problem or issue needs fixing.

Checking in on the females is a good idea and much appreciated. Facilitator was very confident. We could confide and talk to her when needed. Was checking continuously if we were okay.

Private WhatsApp chat group for ladies only

Jacqui has a private WhatsApp chat group for the ladies so that they can discretely bring up any issues, worries or concerns they have.

You need to meet Jacqui face-to-face before being added to this chat group. This ensures you are actually a female.

The facilitator showed friendly concern about our well being.

We can be contacted anytime, before, during or after an event to discuss any issue or concern

Jacqui’s contact details are available on the website and meetup group. She can be contacted via email, WhatsApp, SMS or phone. She is happy to answer any queries about cuddle parties.

Safety is our top priority

You can rest assured that your comfort and safety are our top concern. We do everything we can to ensure you have an enjoyable time at our cuddle party workshops.

We ask all participants to give us feedback after every workshop and use the feedback to continuously improve the experience for future workshops.

Facilitator was friendly and gentle.

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